About Us

Our team have over 30 years of combined experience gained in advertising, PR and digital marketing.


We will harness that experience and dedicate ourselves to helping you discover and realise your online potential. We can show you effective ways of maximising your online presence and generating more business.


We have a unique understanding of business needs and a knowledge of what works (and what doesn't). We can show you how digital media is changing the world of advertising and marketing for the better - forever.


After our initial contact, we prefer to visit you in your business, gaining a real understanding of what you do and what makes your business unique to enable us to translate this to a world of potential online customers.


You are experts in what you do, we are experts in generating a high return on investment through powerful digital marketing programmes.


Contact us for a FREE digital marketing consultation and let us demonstrate to you how we can maximise your online presence and increase your profitability.

Paul W, Martin & Paul B - attending the opening night of The Gravy Boat Carvery in Littlehempton. U2View provides branding, menu design and printing, website, mobile app and social media management.